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Camera & Types of scans

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We offer the best tech in our office. The Flir camera implementing med-hot technology is simply the best and most accurate system. The thermography camera is an extremely sensitive infrared camera, calibrated for medical use, that reads heat signatures on the skin. When there is disease or abnormality in tissue, the body usually brings inflammation to the area to begin it’s healing. The infrared camera sees these heat signatures and also sees new blood supply and vascular patterns. The doctors who read and interpret the scans look at factors like increased heat in an area, indicating more metabolism and cell turnover, heat ‘signatures’ of tumors (circumscribed areas that are hot in the middle surrounded by a cooler zone created from chemicals put out by the area of concern. In this way, they can see very early abnormal changes in breast tissue. This earlier detection means that less aggressive methods can be used to heal and re-balance the body.


Breast  Imaging

Full Breast Study includes 8 images of your breasts at all angles. Breast imaging is especially important as it detects inflammatory changes that may indicate unhealthy breasts. It is at the inflammatory stage that simple preventive protocols can help clear the inflammation and return your breasts to a healthier state.



Female & male Full Body


We image you from head to toe. This images everything that is included in the Women’s Health Screening including a full breast study PLUS arms, hands, legs and feet. A Full Body Scan is very important because of the potential to see so much in the arms and the legs. We can see blood sugar challenges in the hands and unknown varicose in the legs as well as other disease conditions. The feet are important to image as we see heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, weight transfer problems and more.


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Chest & breast imaging


Normal breast scan while adding in additional scans of the chest. This will allow more insight into cardiovascular function/dysfunction.



 Health Screen - Upper Body

This includes an 8-image breast exam PLUS head and neck views to examine for the signs of allergies, sinus problems, possible causes of headaches, dental and gum diseases, thyroid and carotid artery inflammation (early signs of cardio-vascular disease). In addition, we examine the chest and upper back for further signs of developing heart problems and the abdomen to examine, liver, spleen, female organs and digestion. In addition we look at your trunk from head to waist to spot patterns that may travel throughout your body. Did you know that a woman is 10 times more likely to experience heart or cardiovascular diseases than breast disease?




Area of



Our non-invasive scanning thermography procedure is able to detect many types of chronic pain throughout the body. If you're experiencing pain from arthritis, headaches, injuries, or any other unexplained pain in a specific region of the body or areas of inflammation, we can scan just the inflicted area.


Patient Pre-Thermography Scan Instructions

Unless specifically instructed by your physician, you should wait at least three months after any form of surgery (including biopsy), the completion of chemotherapy or radiation before your scan.

Avoid any natural or artificial tanning for three (3) days prior to your scan.

You must not have had significant fevers (102° or more) within thirty-six hours of your scan or have any level of fever on the day of your scan. Refrain from a sauna, steam-room or hot/cold packs for at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to your scan.

There should be no new bruising, rashes or skin irritation on the day of your scan.

With your physician’s permission, please do not use the following medications for twelve hours prior to your scan: niacin or niacin patch (500 milligrams or more), nitroglycerin or any migraine medication.

Avoid any tobacco use or caffeinated coffee or tea consumption for two (2) hours prior to your scan. Avoid vigorous exercise, bathing or showering for one (1) hour prior to your scan.


Long hair should be worn up or pulled back off your shoulders prior to being scanned.


For Breast Imaging: Avoid any vigorous physical stimulation, examination or compression of the breasts (self or clinical examination, ultrasound or mammogram) for at least three days prior to your scan.

Do not use any skin creams, lotions, deodorants or powders that may cause inflammation on your breasts or underarms on the day of your scan. We recommend women wear a blouse and pants or skirt to your scan and please do not wear an underwire bra to the exam.                                                                                                       

For Men: The “Men’s Health Scan” or “Full Body Scan” will require that your abdomen is revealed so it is best to wear brief underwear or a “Speedo”. You will not be required to remove your underwear.

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