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Thermography... early detection saves lives

Thermography.... Why?


​Thermography professionals want to help.​ Instead of disease detection, we call Thermography “Health Discovery” – a very important part of your preventive wellness program. Thermography detects inflammation, often long before you may feel any symptoms or be diagnosed with an actual disease. In a nutshell, Thermography can see your body asking for extra help. It’s somewhat like a window that allows us to see in and get a visual, or as Dr. Carol Chandler of Med-Hot Thermal says it is “eavesdropping on what the body is prioritizing right now”

Thermography: Health vs. Disease Detection

​Every person deserves the truth about their state of health. Instead of waiting for symptoms to manifest and a disease process to be diagnosed, Thermography gives you a very early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem – Inflammation.

Thermography uses an infrared camera that measures the surface temperature of your skin to detect patterns which may indicate the need for further clinical evaluation.

The Thermography Team:


Jody Hart C.T.

Jody provides a safe, no-contact, private screening for breast imaging and full body scans, in a quiet, comfortable environment.

Jody Hart, Certified Clinical Thermographer


Dr. Steven Zanfini D.C.

“I have always had a passion for holistic health.  Thermography is a science that supports my beliefs of functional medicine, while providing effective results.  Early detection of disease is key to preserving our health.”    


– Dr. Steven Zanfini, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

 Thermography Prevention
& Wellness


Frequent Thermography screenings can help you from suffering an unexpected illness or injury. Preventative screening with infrared thermography may just be what you need.

Thermography Breast Scan

Thermography is used as part of an early detection program which gives women the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage. 

breast thermo.jpg

Thermography Imaging of Abdomen 

Upper body.jpg

Thermography imaging of an abdominal series may indicate digestive disorders, organ dysfunction, colon inflammation, low back pain, disc disease, etc. These dysfunctions can be localized for further investigation or treatment.

Infrared Thermography

Thermography Imaging or digital infrared imaging is a diagnostic technique that is non-invasive and involves no exposure to radiation. During an exam, a FLIR camera is used to capture images, called thermograms. These thermographic images are taken by our trained clinical thermographers here at Stuart Thermography who then submit them to a thermologist.  We use International Association of Medical Thermographers
We are an organization with members and board members all over the world.


Thermography, do you have any questions or concerns about certain areas in your body? Come and have us scan acute regions with our top of the line imaging system.

image breast.jpg

Thermography Images of the breast region are taken completely PRIVATE and SAFE for women of all ages to be proactive in their  breast health.

Breast thermography does not replace mammography or ultrasound and mammography or ultrasound does not replace breast thermography. These diagnostic tests complement each other. 

thyroid image.jpg

Thermography screening for thyroid issues. MONITOR your thyroid activity level. 

thermal full body male and female.jpg

Thermography, How To Prepare For A Breast Scan

Thermography Scan: 24 hours prior to your scan – avoid heavy exercise, acupuncture, massage, sauna or steam rooms.

For 2 hours prior to your thermography scan - avoid exercise and hot or cold showering. Do not shave under your arms or use deodorant, skin creams or lotion in the areas to be imaged. Avoid sun exposure the day of the test. For best result, you should not have had a sun burn or have used a tanning booth within a week of your test.

No changes in diet or medication are necessary.


Note: Before your thermography scan you must wait 3 months after major breast surgery, chemotherapy or radiation before having a breast scan, and at least 1 month after a biopsy or minor surgery, such as mole removal, for results to be accurate.


breast image 2.jpg
breast thermo.jpg
image breast.jpg

Thermography Scan Procedures

The pre-thermography test takes approximately 20 minutes. You will be asked to remove all upper body clothing and jewelry. A gown will be supplied. Please bring a hair clip to keep your hair off of your shoulders if it is long.


The thermographer will review your history and breast questionnaire with you prior to your scan. Please inform the thermographer if you have had any recent skin lesions (rashes, cuts or abrasions) on your breasts, as the inflammation might result in inconclusive findings.

After discussing your history and answering any questions you might have, five images will be taken of your breasts and surrounding area. The procedure is entirely non-invasive. There is no contact with the body at any time and the camera emits no radiation.

-You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present at the examination.

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